Amy Stroup’s ‘Since Frank’ Makes Way For Patience And Creativity

Singer-songwriter Amy Stroup has released “As Long As You’re With Me,” featuring Andrew Belle. It’s the next single from her fourth solo album, Since Frank, due on June 23, 2023. Since Frank finds a cohesive sound thanks to producer Chad Copelin (LANY, Broncho, Ben Rector) and his transformation of live tracking into a finished product. The new albums also features overdubs and drum samples created by James McAlister (The National, Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens).

Though Stroup writes extensively for other artists, film, and TV, she wrote this group of songs with herself in mind.

Since Frank, a 10-song collection, covers a wide range of subjects, ultimately settling on “what it means to find a way to be okay on the inside.”

She shares about the album:

These songs feel like freeze frames of pivotal emotional moments of me finding a safe place to live from inside my own body. I’ve done a lot of experiential therapy, self-nurturing work and beyond, to get to a more true place to live from, and a lot of the songs capture the process and pivotal points on that continued journey.

Stroup wrote the album’s songs with friends and producers in LA and Nashville, where she’s based, over the past few years, but the project came fully to life while she drove with her dog Frank to Norman, Oklahoma, to record it.

Stroup says:

With these chosen Since Frank songs, it sometimes took three or four years to refine the song, instead of the one day that many collaborations require. It allowed me to see where patience and creativity took me.

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