‘April March Meets Staplin’ Is A Francophile Collaboration

[Cover photo credit to Michael Levine]

Francophile and Indie singer/songwriter April March has announced the new album April March Meets Staplin, due May 5, 2023 via Velvetica Music (with vinyl arriving on April 22nd as an official Record Store Day title). The album is a collaboration between March and the French duo Staplin, with lyrics in both French and English and it is heralded by new track Parti Avec le Soleil.”

March says:

‘Parti Avec Le Soleil’ was recorded on a rainy afternoon in Normandie. Toby Dammit joined us and we hit it like Jules Renard: ‘In order to do certain crazy things, it is necessary to behave like a coachman who has let go of the reins and fallen asleep.’ If I could record 3 million more albums with Staplin, I surely would.

An established animator and illustrator (Ren & Stimpy, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, We Are Going To Be Friends) as well as a longtime songwriter, March has recorded and performed onstage with Ronnie Spector and also recorded with Brian Wilson.

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