Elliott Blaufuss Gets In Tune For ‘The Sea Between Us’

[Cover photo credit to Reed Siler]

Nashville-based Roots singer/songwriter Elliott Blaufuss has released his 10-track debut album, The Sea Between Us. Blaufuss focuses on ideas of “isolation, transformation, and rebirth” for the album, as well as his journey towards sobriety.

As he finds himself in this next chapter of life, Blaufuss reflects:

Being clear headed can’t be overstated for what it did to my life and my work, it took the haze out of things, I felt more in tune in every way.

How It All Works,” released March 1, is a spoken-word-esque song that speaks to the realities of the world and its uncertainties.

Blaufuss shares:

The world can be overwhelming to me. ‘How It All Works’ was just an attempt to understand where everybody is going all the time and maybe to help myself find my place in it.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Blaufuss played 13 of the instruments on the album, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, accordion, bass, keyboards, Rhodes, Hammond B3, tenor sax, flute, melodica, drums, percussion, and glockenspiel, in addition to vocals. He also had support from Cody Angel (pedal steel, Oahu guitar), Matt Menafe (banjo, mandolin), Sara Douglas (Vox) and Giovanni Rodriguez (upright bass, congas).

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