Adam Mah’s “Video Subscription” Rejects Cool Personas

[Cover photo credit to Tracy Moromisato]

Vancouver Indie-Pop songwriter Adam Mah has returned with a new single, Video Subscription,” a first taste from his debut full-length album, due out later in 2023. The track was produced by Shane Stephenson, and performed with Caleb Heppner, Flavio Cirillo and Noémie Attia.

Mah’s diverse scope as an artist, Producer, and composer has shaped his work as a songwriter. His tracks “often examine the notion of perspective.”

Discussing the single, Mah notes:

Video Subscription’ is about feeling like you have to project a certain persona in regards to the kind of art you consume to appear cool instead of just being yourself.

Because this is my first solo record, it feels like the first big statement piece from myself as a solo artist. It’s the culmination of about 4 years of work and personal growth.

Adam Mah formed the band Derrival in high school, which released an LP and EP during a five year run, while touring across North America with acts such as The Zolas and Hey Ocean!, and sharing the stage with Vampire Weekend, Childish Gambino, Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Half Moon Run, amongst many others.

During that time Mah met former M83 guitarist Jordan Lawlor, who has been an instrumental collaborator in Mah’s solo work, including his 2020 debut solo EP, The Cloud.

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