Goodnight, Texas Brings Their Baseball History To “It’s Enough”

[Cover photo credit to Brittany Powers]

Following the release of their 2022 studio album How Long Will It Take Them To Die, the Folk-Rock band Goodnight, Texas have released stand-alone single It’s Enough”. The new track brings in some of the band’s knowledge and experience of baseball as a shared love.

Singer/songwriter Patrick Dyer Wolf shares:

This one is about a retiring baseball player. We have a baseball history in the band: Avi has vintage memorabilia and knowledge, Pat’s cousin Jon Sciambi does play-by-play for the Cubs, Scott has been to Tigers fantasy camp, our former drummer Alex is a minor league umpire.  We’ve done the anthem at a Giants game, et cetera. 

But really it’s about coming to the end of something with which you’ve had a long and complex relationship (a relationship, job, life) and deciding how to approach it. You can ‘paint yourself in a corner / climb way up in a tree’ or we can ‘paint ourselves in a portrait / and hang a swing from a tree.’ Our protagonist comes to rest on the former, sort of a yang to the yin of other recent single ‘To Hurry Things Along.’

Goodnight, Texas draws their name from fellow singer/songwriter Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf’s onetime geographic midpoint, the real town of Goodnight in the State of Texas.


MAR 22 WED – Treefort Music Fest 2023 – Boise, ID

APR 21 FRI – Old Settlers Music Festival 2023 – Dale, TX

APR 22 SAT – Dada Dallas – Dallas, TX

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