Watch Blood Incantation’s Album Release Show For ‘Timewave Zero’

[Cover photo credit to Alvino Salcedo]

After releasing their Timewave Zero record last year, Blood Incantation is now giving fans a live video of the album, performed in its entirety, at the 2022 Gothic Theatre release show. The atmospheric Death Metal band has been adding Progressive elements to their work over time, culminating in the new album.

Blood Incantation comments:

The epic journey of massive soundscapes filmed in stunning 4K HD captures the unique evening for those who missed the rare performance. Transport yourself there on the band’s YouTube channel.

Spawned in 2011, Blood Incantation spent the past decade creating atmospheric Death Metal with Progressive elements, while gradually incorporating more psychedelic and ambient components with each new release.

Filmed live show credits:

–Director & Editor: Alex Pace

–Executive Producer: Amanda Graeff

–Cinematographers: Alex Pace, Amanda Graeff, Aaron Saye & Nick Hennig

–Audio Recording & Live Sound: Steve Goldberg

–Lasers & Visual Effects: Photon 7

–Featuring: Paul Riedl, Morris Kolontyrsky, Jeff Barrett & Isaac Faulk

–Special Guests: Roshan Bhartiya & Zach Hedstrom

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