Setting Sun Returns With A More Mature Method For ‘The Feelings Cure’

[Photo credit: Tom Tegnon]

Hudson Valley, NY-based Indie Rock-Folk band Setting Sun have announced their self-produced sixth full-length studio album and first in ten years, The Feelings Cure due out May 19th, 2023 via Young Love Records. Alongside the announcement, the band have shared the single Feelings Cure along with an accompanying lyric video.

You can join Setting Sun live in Woodstock, NY for their official album release show on May 18th, 2023.

Setting Sun, led by frontman and primary songwriter Gary Levitt, began in San Francisco where the band’s first release, holed up, was recorded in 2003. From there, Levitt moved to Los Angeles, then to Brooklyn, NY and now resides in the Hudson Valley of New York. In 2010, Setting Sun released Fantasurreal, and in 2013, Be Here When You Get Here.

In the band’s current iteration, alongside Levitt are long-time collaborators Lawrence Roper (keyboards, vocals) and Jonathan Hambright (drums) and John Burdick (bass/vocals). The Feelings Cure was recorded more diligently than other Setting Sun records.

Explaining the creative process while now being a father, Levitt says:

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get in the creative zone with set times of having to turn creativity on and off like a switch. I used to write and record in creative blasts when I felt it come on like a wave or virus. Having kids forced me to write, record, and mix in the gaps of being a father and the maturity shows on this record.

The track “Feelings Cure” aims to “resist feelings of pain and sadness through music”. It was written three months into the start of the pandemic when Levitt was forced to confront the reality of diving back into music, only this time, in quarantine with his wife and toddler which presented brand new challenges.

Levitt adds:

It took a while to be able to turn on the creativity at will according to the clock, but I found it was actually possible. The limitations made me more productive. This song was one of the first I recorded for the new record and maybe it helped get out some of that frustration from being forced into a new life and future not made by my choice.

Setting Sun will celebrate the release of their first album in ten years album with a show at Colony in Woodstock, NY on May 18. The following month, on June 15, the band will perform at Riverside Concerts in Germantown, NY.

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