Waldemar Builds A Studio And Crafts ‘Ruthless’ Amid Uncertainty

Singer-songwriter Gabe Larson is the artistic force behind Waldemar, a heartland Indie Rock band from Eau Claire, WI. Self-releasing on May 5th, 2023 the group’s debut record Ruthless is five years in the making. The lead single is out now with a live in-studio performance video.

Waldemar is named after Larson’s farmer grandfather. At a creative crossroads following a band breakup, Larson found inspiration in the tenacity of his once-struggling ancestor and used it to forge his path forward. With his brother, he transformed a rundown horse barn on his property into a professional recording studio, then wrote, recorded, scrapped and rewrote the 11 songs that make up Ruthless

Throughout the five-year process, Larson worked manual labor jobs to fund the album and support his growing family.

Larson shares:

As physically exhausting as it was to build the studio, making this record was even more grueling, mentally and emotionally. I found myself in a season of deep uncertainty – everything was in question. Many questions still remain, but I’ve been slowly finding a strange peace in knowing that life is always lived amidst uncertainty and the only way forward is trust.

Waldemar plans to tour in 2023, with dates to be announced in the future. 

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