Heart’s Nancy Wilson Launches Management Company With Madisenxoxo

Portland, OR based singer/songwriter Madisenxoxo has signed to Pack Records and is exclusively managed by Roadcase Management, a new company formed late last year by Heart’s Nancy Wilson along with her husband, music industry vet Geoff Bywater.

Nancy Wilson is celebrating 50 years in the music business, and was just honored by the Recording Academy for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

She expresses why she feels it’s so important to help cultivate new talent:

After so many years of being an artist in this business, I would love to use my experience to help elevate other talented and deserving musicians. I was introduced to Madisenxoxo’s music and fell in love. We had been talking for quite some time about forming a management company and this seemed like the perfect time to launch Road Case Management with Madisenxoxo as our first artist!

Madisenxoxo will be releasing Mothership on April 28, 2023. The album was Produced by her long-time collaborator/now-fiancé Josh Horine (otherwise known as Mana Garden) and the album’s most recent single is “You’re So Pretty.”

About Roadcase Management:
Founded by Nancy Wilson and Geoff Bywater, their mission statement is simple: We aspire to inspire and represent a new upcoming generation of talent. Roadcase Management will provide both experienced creative and experienced business input to protect the new creatives on their career journeys.

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