The Stone Eye Highlights Collaborative Songwriting With “Donora”

Philadelphia Stoner/Prog Rock band The Stone Eye have released the single “Donora” ahead of their album titled Fata Morgana, which is scheduled for an April 28th, 2023 release from Electric Talon Records in CD, cassette, and digital formats. The track highlights the collaborative process that the band prefers in songwriting.

The Stone Eye explains:

“Donora” is a song that began with one creative direction in mind and ended up veering off of the side of a cliff by the end of the songwriting process. That’s The Stone Eye way. Initially, Stephen Burdick brought what is now the first couple minutes of the song to the band. After collectively workshopping the song around as a collective for about three weeks, we ended up with a five-minute song that stylistically jumps all over the place yet remains cohesive- which is really cool. “Donora” certainly isn’t the most out-there song on the record, but it showcases the band’s evolution whilst remaining true to our sound at the same time.

They add:

Throughout the band’s long history, musical evolution and experimentation have been at the forefront of each member’s mind. What happens if you cross pop-sensibilities with traditional metal? Or maybe throw some funk in there for the ladies? Perhaps this song needs a hand pan? Why not! These upcoming releases are absolutely no exception to that now-established mantra, so strap on in, grab that beer we were talking about earlier, and enjoy the ride.

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