ON’s “Break You” Is A Decree Of Emancipation

Indie Rock power Trio ON recently released their eponymous ON album via Toronto-based imprint Indiestructable Records as well as their new single and video for “Break You”. The members carry on in the legacy of their 90’s Sire Records band Acid Test and some members have also been in other Toronto bands like Danko Jones and Deliuss. They’ll be taking to the road in support of the new album.

This tour brings ON through the West Coast, Rockies and South-West, kicking off in San Diego on February 14th, 2023 and ending in Seattle on April 2nd.

Lucy Di Santo shares about the new single:

‘Break You’ soars like a goodbye love letter to a toxic person, place or substance; it’s a decree of emancipation – and breaking away from what dictates and captures the human soul. It is an outcry, a battle cry, and finally a freedom cry of intention – all wrapped up in a hardcore punk-metal riff that end with Sabbath-esque overtones.

Written in Toronto and New York, ON guitarist Steve Fall says the album is “a document of friendship navigating explores in pain, and hope. Looking at the world with a collaborative effort to document what we see, witness and feel through songwriting and chemistry as a band.”

Single cover by Michael Gucciardi
Single cover photography by Gord Hawkins

Following pre-production recording with Drew Howard at Star Sound Studios in Cape Coral, the band worked with sound engineer Darius Szczepaniak (Sum 41, Black Crowes, Big Sugar, Bare Naked Ladies, Jann Arden) out of Phase One Studios.


02/14 San Diego, CA @ the Bancroft Bar
02/15 Los Angeles @ The Offbeat Bar
02/16 Santa Barbara, CA @ Soul Bites
02/18 San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah
02/19 Reno, NV @ Alturas Bar
02/23 Eugene, OR @ Sam Bond’s Garage
02/24 Portland, OR @ Starday Tavern
02/25 Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur
02/26 Salem @Graveyard Bar
03/01 Yakima, WA @ Punk’s Bar
03/02 Boise, ID @ the Lounge at the End of the Universe
03/03 Murray, UT @ the Ice Haus
03/05 Durango, CO @ the Hive
03/08 Phoenix, AZ @ the Rhythm Room
03/09 Bisbee, AZ @ the Bisbee
03/11 Tuscan, AZ @ the Screening Room
03/13 Houston, TX @1810 Ojeman
03/15 Arlington, TX @ GROWL
03/17 Loreda, TX @ Wonder Lounge
03/18 Austin, TX @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse
03/20 Albuquerque, NM @ Juno Pub
03/21 Denver, CO @ D3 Arts
03/23 Fort Collins, CO @ Surside Seven
03/29 Butte, MT @ Carpenters Union Hall
03/31 Stateline, ID @ Cruisers Bar & Grill
04/01 Tacoma, WA @ the Valley
04/02 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse

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