Narnia Combine Classic And Melodic Metal For “Rebel” Ahead Of ‘Ghost Town’

[Cover photo credit to Mats Vassfjord]

Swedish Metal band Narnia, who traditionally have Christian themes in their work, have released the single “Rebel” which is the opening track on the upcoming record Ghost Town, the band’s ninth studio album which will arrive from Sound Pollution on March 17th, 2023. The new single taps into a classic sound that Narnia is known for.

Building on their 2019 album, From Darkness to Light, the new album Ghost Town takes on the quality of a sequel. Combining Classic and Melodic Metal, produced by CJ Grimmark, the album was mixed by the band”s sound engineer Viktor Stenquist, and mastered by Thomas Piec Johansson. A follow-up tour is planned for the album.

Artwork: Jani Stefanovic
Layout: Jonatan Samuelsson

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