Oak Streams Their Giant’s Tale ‘Disintegrate’ To Celebrate Release

[Cover photo credit to Catarina Rocha]

Portuguese Death and Doom Metal duo OAK is now streaming their new full-length, Disintegrate, in its entirety in celebration of its February 10th, 2023 release. The concept album features a giant who carries the weight of the world.

Oak comments:

You had already explored the two craters left by the Giant’s feet with the excerpts from ‘Disintegrate’ that we revealed earlier. Now, you stand before him and you will be crushed by tons of his flesh that will fall on you and soon become dust. The time has finally come.

The writing process took place “under the cover of darkness”, and the pair worked with a totally clean slate, writing everything organically in their sessions together. As project took shape, sound developed too.

OAK says of that sound:

We can have clean guitars, clean vocals, distortion, deep grunts, whispers, slow beats, blast beats, ghost notes and all this glues together nicely.

Thematically, Disintegrate tells the epic tale of a Titanic Giant who “seeks to be unburdened from carrying the weight of the world, demonstrating that even the strongest have a threshold for just how much pain and heaviness they can endure.”

Cover artwork by created by Belial Necro Arts

However, the story doesn’t end here as this is only the first chapter of the Giant’s tale.

OAK explains:

We are continuing our jam sessions and writing more and more. We will grow further with each release in the attempt of making our sound almost visible/cinematic. We need to tell the story of this giant’s burden and liberation through our music and lyrics. We feel like there is much more to be told.

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