‘Last Ride’ Marks JFA’s Return To Show Us How Skate Punk Is Done

1980s born and bred, backyard pool-inspired skateboard Punk lives again with the return of JFA for a new studio album after a long lapse. Last Ride arrives in May 2023 from DC-Jam Records. The album’s title does not indicate the demise of the band, but rather the energy of a resurgence.

As founding guitarist Don Redondo puts it:

‘Last Ride’ refers to ‘one more’ at the end of a skate or a surf session. You either bring it (get a killer ride) or sometimes go for it to the point of slamming hard. Nobody does a safety run after saying ‘one more’ — while many skaters won’t even say ‘one more’ out loud (the mojo is that strong).

Original vocalist Brian Bannon appears on the album and bass is on once again provided by Corey Stretz (The Blades, The Crowd, China White, The Outsiders). Drums are provided by Jamie Reidling (The Cadillac Tramps, Shattered Faith, Big Drill Car, U.S. Bombs, Die Hunns, TSOL, and Devils Brigade).

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