‘Motion And Picture’ From Miirrors Takes Us From Disillusionment To Hope

Chicago band MIIRRORS will be releasing their debut album, Motion and Picture via Pravda Records on March 24th, 2023 in CD and digital formats. Motion And Picture has cinematic qualities and reflects a “personal timespan of disillusionment, resolve and return of hope” as it leans into Shoegaze territory.

The project features Shawn Rios, Brian McSweeney, Andre Miller, Patrick Riley and Dmitri Rakhuba. What began as a chance encounter on an airplane between McSweeney and Rios 22 years ago grew into a decades-long friendship which led to the musical partnership that formed MIIRRORS.

They prioritizing album creation over live performance while creating at their own pace, adding seasoned multi-instrumentalists along the way­. While recording, the group began self-releasing singles just two months before the pandemic took its toll on the music community, but not before they released their imagined “completed” version of Jeff Buckley’s rare 1997 four-track demo “Gunshot Glitter.” In the post-pandemic world, the group finally launched a series of hometown headline performances.

The new album was recorded in Chicago in Studio B at Electrical Audio, engineered by Gregoire Yeche with additional recording done in Los Angeles and Nashville. Motion And Picture was produced by MIIRRORS and mixed by Brian Deck at Narwhal Studios.

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