Black Orchid’s “Deny The Sun” Was Inspired By Galileo’s Struggles

Progressive Rock trio Black Orchid Empire will be releasing a brand new full-length album, Tempus Veritas, on April 14, 2023. In conjunction with this announcement, the band has shared their first album single, “Deny the Sun”, along with an official music video, which was created by Alina Gordienco.

Vocalist/guitarist Paul Visser says about the new single:

‘Deny The Sun’ is the first song we wrote for ‘Tempus Veritas’ and we love how hard the riff goes! We’ve been pushing more and more into the technical side of our music for this album and this track is a great example of that. Lyrically, it deals with Galileo’s ideas about the central nature of the sun and the clash with religious views at the time, written from the point of view of his friend Pope Urban VIII who found himself in an impossible position and ended up condemning the astronomer. Our friend and long-time collaborator Alina Gordienco made the amazing video in LA, starring the wonderful Irina Dudyk as the sun goddess. Her work is consistently inspired and we love what she did for this song!

Regarding the album, the Black Orchid Empire explains:

Interwoven with the fabric of our history as a species are countless opportunities for stories. Little pieces of imagined narrative, set within events we all collectively know as historical, that seek to explore what it means to be human – this is the idea behind ‘Tempus Veritas’. Whereas Semaphore looked to the future, this record reinvents the past, wondering what it was like to be inside the mind of a person living through times of consequence. Musically, we continue to seek the boundary between the savagely technical and the undeniably beautiful and attempt to push it as far as possible. We poured our entire creative beings into making this album – we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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