Young Borra Brings Nightlife To Indie Rock

Indie Rock artist Young Borra has revealed his new single “Face The Music” that comes from his experience as a NYC nightlife DJ. Jonas Young-Borra crafted the song featuring a solo from Madonna’s original touring guitarist and writer of “Lucky Star” Paul Pesco. It was mixed by Serge Tsai and mastered by Brian Jackson. Previously released singles and videos include “Loving Type”.

Born in the Bronx, raised in New York City. Jonas Young-Borra writes, sings, programs and plays original material. Building on lifelong musical training from his father, a Jazz musician, and mother, a Broadway actress/singer, he has worked as an event curator, DJ, doorman, and promoter in New York clubs. He draws on those experiences to write about elements from his nightlife. After several years of creating and Producing his sound, Young-Borra is now releasing his original material.

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