Austin Mayse Muses On A Decade’s Development For ‘Bridges And Kerosene’

[Cover photo credit to Robbyn Dodd]

Singer/songwriter Austin Mayse has returned with the album Bridges and Kerosene. Produced by Chris Beall and engineered by Ron Flynt, Bridges and Kerosene features old friends from the Mystiqueros crew such as Tina Wilkins, Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt, alongside Texas artists like Geoff Queen and Rich Brotherton. With his first album since 2009, Mayse brings over a decade’s worth of “new love, loss, and adventure” to this collection.

Some of the tracks on the new album are songs that Mayse has given solo life to on stage in recent years but here are fully orchestrated and developed by this wide cast of musicians.

The album chronicles “personal growth” for Mayse wherein he takes responsibility for “faults and failures” and “provides insights into his world views” as an evolving artist.

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