Harry Cloud’s “Squid Friend” Laments A Doomed Aquatic Relationship

[Photo credit Sarah Sitkin]

Harry Cloud has released the single and video for “Squid Friend” from his upcoming album The Cyst, arriving from Kitten Robot Records on February 7th, 2022. This “interspecies love song” is about a star-crossed and doomed relationship.

Cloud says:

’Squid Friend’ is a beautiful, whimsical tune about a human who’s in love with an aquatic creature but ultimately becomes heartbroken because he cannot breathe underwater. The song is full of longing for his slimy lover.

I like how the song is a slow build the whole time until it reaches a powerful climax followed by a pleasant, washy resolution at the end. I wish all my songs could have such a neat flow.

For this album, Harry Cloud once again enlisted the help of producer Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, TSOL, Pat the Bunny, Josie Cotton).

Cloud comments on working with the Punk Rocker and Producer:

The Cyst came about like all my records I make with Paul Roessler. I come into the studio with completed songs, half written stuff or nothing at all. A lot of stuff is hashed out, made up and organized in the studio. I had no direction for the album, it was just what I was writing at the time. After a certain number of songs have been recorded and a period of my life feels like it’s coming to a close, I say ‘OK that’s an album,’ and then off to the next one.

Now officially signed to Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records, Harry Cloud plans to embark on a new era of experimental music, though he’ll stay eclectic since, as he says: “I’m not trying to be anything or trying to do one style.”

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