Are You Ready For Some “Suburban Bliss” From Rotten Sound?

Finnish Grindcore “entity” Rotten Sound have released their version of “Suburban Bliss” in a track from their forthcoming album Apocalypse. The new album has been created “to accompany humanity’s impending extinction”. Aptly titled, the band’s eighth studio album will arrive on March 31st, 2023.

The Finns have released a catalogue of now eight highly acclaimed studio albums, eight EPs, three split singles, a single, and a live DVD.

Furthermore, Rotten Sound have already played stages of all major Metal and Hardcore-oriented festivals and toured at regular intervals alongside acts such as MALEVOLENT CREATION, PHOBIA, DISFEAR CARCASS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, EXHUMED, NAPALM DEATH, and PIG DESTROYER, among many others.

Artwork created by Error Design

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