Abby Jeanne’s “Know Better” Addresses The Alienation Of Modern Life

[Cover photo credit to Abby Jean]

Abby Jeanne has been infatuated with records, especially ’60s Pop and underground Soul/Rock-n-Roll tracks from a young age and has led a varied life of a vagbond, including hitchhiking through India, where she started her music career. She is currently a New York City-based multimedia artist who has built a name for herself through not only her music, but her visual art and events.

Her latest single with Eraserhood Sound is  “Know Better”, a Pop-Soul offering that examines “the selfishness and vapidity of today’s society.” The song was cut almost entirely live to tape. It has been released digitally with a 7″ vinyl record to follow on April 21st, 2023.

According to Abby:

I seek to connect with strangers and people in my everyday life, but find it harder and harder to get others to experience that magic with me in such an isolating, vain, and technology addicted era. It has become the norm to experience more and more of our lives through the internet. We are being entertained constantly and encouraged to interact with these worlds that are flooded with disconnected communication, disinformation, curated illusions, and propaganda. This song is a reminder to myself and others that in this brave new world we live in, we may feel pressured or alienated but at the end of the day we know better. Instead of wallowing or giving in to our corrupted society perhaps we just chose to be alive.


JAN 27 FRI  The Night Owl Finsbury Park – London, England

FEB 24 FRI  Brooklyn Made – Brooklyn, NY (w/ Kendra Morris & GA-20)

MAR 16 THU  Colony – Woodstock, NY (w/ Ghost Funk Orchestra)

MAR 18 SAT  Deep Dive – Ithaca, NY (w/ Ghost Funk Orchestra)