Eric Silverman Took Jerry Garcia’s Tascam 388 To The Desert For ‘Stay In It’

[Cover photo credit to Devon Lach]

Bay Area singer/songwriter Eric Silverman drew on his experiences of the high desert and big changes in his life to record his new LP, Stay In It, which was built as a “cohesive song cycle” that draws inspiration from After After The Gold Rush-era Neil Young, Jonathan Wilson, and The War on Drugs. A single from the album, “All in My Head” is out now, featuring synthesizer courtesy of keyboardist Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes, Circles Around The Sun).

At a time when the pandemic was beginning and Silverman and his wife were expecting their first child, he came into possession of a Tascam 388 console last owned by Jerry Garcia, and followed that vibe towards a different kind of album.

Silverman and his producer Damien Lewis (Kevin Parker, James Bay) eventually landed in the tiny high desert outpost town of Landers, California in August to record in “loud” and “sweaty” sessions.

Silverman explains:

Stay In It is a way of saying be present, it’s Be Here Now. So the record is really about just finding that moment where it all locks in and flows. Get there and stay there.

The album captures a “vision of the desert wind” and packages it up for audiences.

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