Macgray’s ‘Collapse’ Explores Cycles Of Life And Death In The Universe

Brussels-based Producer Macgray is returning with a second album titled Collapse, to be released on the 13th of April, 2023. The album spans several movements tracing the rise and fall of life in the universe and combines Electronica, Techno, and instrumental elements. First single “Neon” is out now.

Collapse is a concept album that “tells the story of living species (human, animal, or extra-terrestrial), civilizations, planets, and the universe… the path from creation to nothingness, how the small and big elements of the universe all exist through birth and death”.

The album includes two main sections comprised of four tracks each, with a pivotal song in the middle. The first part evokes the birth with “Origins”, the apogee of the nature with “Forest”, and great discoveries with “Neon”. The fifth track hints at the second part, chaos and destruction rush into the “Breach”. Futile resistance and useless denial appear through “Uprising” and “Backbone”, which do not allow escape from the inevitable “Collapse”.

Collapse is Macgray’s most complete work to date, bringing a blend of acoustic instruments and synthesizers together with a symphonic dimension. Macgray typically creates a musical landscape full of analog synths, pianos, strings, voices and field recordings.

He is a musician in many collective projects, including a Rock band (TOTM), an Electronic music ensemble (Bétøn) and for Mathieu Thonon. Macgray started his first solo project in 2019, ranging from ambient, to film music and Electronica.

Macgray combines live Electronic music with projections created by visual artists and invites other musicians both onto his albums and on stage, notably Hélène Van Loo (Concert Flute), Charles Bernard (Vocals, Drums) and Evelyne Esterzon (Vocals).

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