Otra Chases Fever Dreams And Sober Realities For “Dream Machine”

Otra is a duo of two sisters who have recorded their debut album, I’m Not That Way, at their home in foggy Pacifica, CA. The collection will arrive digitally on Feb 10, 2023 via Thirty Something Records and “documents their journey as they learn to see themselves more clearly and exist outside of expectations”. The track “Dream Machine” is out now, as well as a lyric video.

The tracks on the album are said to “search for their own sonic identities” ranging from synths to clarinets, layered vocals, and crunchy guitars.

Of the new single “Dream Machine,” the band says:

This song was created in a late-night fever dream at home in Pacifica, where Laura cathartically wailed the chorus – reveling in a dream where people see everything she has to give. But then the dream machine alarm clock wakes her up to the sobering reality that she is not magnificently bold and creative but frustrated and burnt out.

Album art for ‘I’m Not That Way’

Otra have also released previous album single “Repercussion Concussion”:

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