Dust Bowl Faeries Enter A Magical World For “Lost In Time” Video

[Cover photo credit to Stephen Spera]

Hudson Valley-based Goth and Cabaret-inspired Rock outfit Dust Bowl Faeries will be releasing their EP Carnival Dust on January 24th, 2023, and have recently released the single and video for “Lost in Time.” The video for “Lost In Time” finds the band caught in time loops and nautical scenes.

Bandleader Ryder Cooley comments on the video, which uses dramatic drone footage:

I’m not gonna lie, the camera was really noisy and I could feel it coming at me as I was lying in the field. I was trying to stay in character and not look up, but it felt like we were being attacked by a giant insect or even a bomb of some sort. I love the video. It’s quite different from our other videos, and yet there are some overlapping themes. It was nice to work with a group of performers, not just the band members. Having a larger cast of characters makes the narrative look and feel bigger, like it’s more than just a music video. ‘Lost in Time’ tells a story that comes across in the video.

Directed by filmmaker and constant Dust Bowl Faeries visual collaborator Lisa M. Thomas, the “Lost In Time” video is part of an independent short film that will be going out on the film festival circuit in 2023.

Thomas explains:

The longer version of the film is bookended by a narrative of a day in the life of a film set gone wrong which culminates when the art director (played by Ryder) takes the stage and suddenly transports us into the magical faerie world of the ‘Lost in Time’ video.

The video shoot, however, suffered a tragedy when Lisa Thomas’ 17 year-old cat Zorro passed away during the shoot despite being rushed to the hospital. At the end of the shoot, the team performed a memorable funeral for the beloved feline.

Starting in 2015 as an all-woman trio, Dust Bowl Faeries is “committed to working with as many women-identified musicians and artists as possible”. Now a multi-gendered band, they have released two EPs, including 2018’s The Dark Ride Mixes and 2019’s Beloved Monster, and a self-titled debut (produced by music critic Seth Rogovoy and featuring Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Melora Creager of Rasputina). In 2020, they also released the album The Plague Garden.

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