Madame Gandhi Soothes Loneliness With Short-Form Album ‘Vibrations’

[Cover photo credit to Lindsey Byrnes]

Artist and activist Madame Gandhi (Kiran Gandhi) has shared her new short-form album Vibrations, a five-part “atmospheric meditation” as well as a “statement on gratitude”. Released via Sony Music Masterworks, it’s the final project in a three-part series, following Voices (2016) and Visions (2019).

The artist explains:

Each mini-album begins with a V because I liked the subliminal reference to the feminine anatomy. It’s healing. It’s energy. It’s music. It’s touch, feel. It’s inclusive. Vibrations is about the feeling of soothing loneliness in a low, vibrational way.

Madame Gandhi is an award-winning artist and activist known for her percussive Electronic music and positive message about “gender liberation and personal power”. She has toured drumming for M.I.A., Thievery Corporation, Oprah, and Kehlani.

Vibrations’ EP Cover, Credit: Sara Cifuentes,
Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes 

Her video for the track “Waiting For Me,” shot in Mumbai, India, won the Music Video Jury Award at SXSW Film Festival in 2021.

In June of 2022, Gandhi completed a Masters in Music Science & Technology at Stanford University’s CCRMA where she spent time in Antarctica sampling the sounds of glaciers melting to create empathy and awareness around climate change.