Oscar Jerome’s Modern Jazz Fusion ‘The Spoon’ Comes To CD And Vinyl

[Cover photo credit to Alex Waespi]

Following its digital premiere earlier this Fall, UK Jazz musician Oscar Jerome has now released his sophomore album, The Spoon, physically, on vinyl and CD. Jerome creates a “stew of modern Jazz” with Pop and R&B elements. This new physical release follows various reworkings of album tracks “Berlin 1” and “Aya and Bartholomew” that Jerome unveiled in November. 

Jerome wrote the album mid-pandemic when he found himself at crossroads in his life, alone in Berlin and using the time and space to reflect and eventually beginning work on The Spoon. Narratives of “masculinity, melancholy and insecurities” were explored in a run of releases including “Berlin 1” and “Channel Your Anger” in addition to an Orchestral version of lead single “Sweet Isolation” alongside Metropole Orkest.

Jerome comments on The Spoon:

The Spoon takes an arc from emotional, sad boy to angry man looking out at this mess humans have created and then to a more light, open and accepting place of reflection on the beautiful parts of this existence. The main aim is to make you feel something.

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