Members of Zoé Launch Astronomía Interior And Reveal A Double-Single

[Cover photo credit to E36Nueve]

Astronomía Interior have announced the January 19th, 2023 release of their self-titled, debut album via Universal Music Mexico. The Latin electronic duo, comprised of members of the Mexican band Zoé, have also shared two new tracks.

Un Día Especial,” “California” and “Un Mundo Raro” were the first three tracks released by AI, the project led by Jesús Báez and Ángel Mosqueda. Their musical “universe” has now expanded to “Estrella Fugaz” and “Animal,” a double single release that “explores the complexity of idealization”.

Regarding the lyrics to “Estrella Fugaz”, the musicians say:

This song tries to narrate the profound impact of a fleeting encounter between two people: something that, despite its brevity, leaves a profound mark.

According to the musicians, “Animal” has different drives:

This composition focuses on that primitive need to be near and ‘possess’ the beloved one, hence the rhythm is suggestive and sensual.

The duo will be touring the US in 2023 and are already confirmed for a couple of major festivals in Mexico, Viva Latino on March 18th, 2023, and Pal Norte on March 31, 2023.

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