The Blessed Madonna Delivers “Seratonin Moonbeams” With A Club-Capturing Video

[Cover photo credit to Eva Pentel]

Marea Stamper, aka Kentucky-born, London-based artist, DJ, Producer and more, The Blessed Madonna, has released her brand-new single “Serotonin Moonbeams.” Her first solo release since 2017’s Disco House anthem “He Is The Voice I Hear,” it features a contribution from vocalist Uffie and is a return to form with Stamper’s goals of creating “all-encompassing, celebratory, communal House music”.

To celebrate the release of the new single, Stamper hosted a secret party at the venue “The Bunker” in Deptford. Arming the partygoers with body-cams, she set out to capture the essence of the track. With the help of director Loose, the video depicts the “beautiful chaos” of club culture.

Speaking further about the video, Stamper writes:

This is probably a bad way to go about promoting a record about raves, but I loathe party videos. I don’t think there’s anything more insulting to everything that’s good and true and beautiful about dance music than canned dj euphoria moments, choreographed—some jerk off spray tanned guy who pretended to make a record, who’s pretending to DJ, hands-in-the-air rammed down the throats of the viewer. I didn’t even want to be in the video.

I just wanted the ideas in the song to unfold naturally at a real, blood, sweat and tears on the floor party. So that’s what we did. We strapped body cams on people, who then proceeded to get absolutely pissed out of their minds. Uffie showed up with Vaseline and glitter smeared all over her chest and we got weird in a hole in the wall club till morning. I swept up when we we were done. What you see in the video is a more polite version of what happened. To be honest, very few people probably precisely realized they were a part of a music video. They just knew they were feeling something they had missed. It can be like that. We don’t have to settle for less. And I’m still picking Uffie’s glitter out of my hair. One last thing, it is full of easter eggs and love letters for those who know. Happy hunting!

In recent years, The Blessed Madonna has appeared as the vocalist on Fred again..’s lockdown anthem, “Marea (We Lost Dancing)”, become a voice of Saturday night radio, been immortalized as a GTA5 character, and provided remixes for the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Florence & The Machine and even Elton John.

“Serotonin Moonbeams” is also the “starting pistol” for a run of new releases over the coming months.

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