The Hails Strip Down “Exonerate” For An Extra-Earnest Experience

[Cover photo credit to Steph Estrada]

Miami Rock band The Hails have released a stripped down version of their single “Exonerate”. The single was originally released back in October, and this new version is described as “somber” since the song takes audiences into a “much more introspective and delicate place”. Already known for their earnestness, this version delivers it in spades.

On New Year’s Eve, The Hails will be joined by Magic City Hippies and Cannibal Kids for a show at the Miami Beach Bandshell.

Recently, the band also released a live session with Jam In The Van from their California tour run earlier this year. Early 2023 will see a busy schedule of releases from The Hails and more announcements to come.

The band’s home of Miami has directly influenced the sound of their early singles “Younger” and “Stay,” their debut EP He Seems Upset (2020), and the subsequent Alive in Strange Ways (2021).

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