Get A Dose Of ‘Americana Soul’ From The Jorgensens

The Jorgensens, led by harmonizing duo Kurt and Brianna Jorgensen, recently released their album Americana Soul via Paramour Records. Their latest singles accompanied by videos include “Old Black Crow” and “Miles”.

Blending influences from the Blues, Bluegrass, traditional spirituals, and Jazz, the group also blends different personalities in their work. The music started with the duo in 2014 in St. Paul, MN, and they went from being collaborators to marrying, having a son, and expanding the group as The Jorgensens, bringing in additions of Andra Lee Suchy (vocals), Brenda Lee King (Bass Guitar), Jeff King (Saxophone, Clarinets), Jeff Levine (Trumpet), Mark O’ Day (Drums, Percussion), and C Harris (Percussion).

Paramour Records is a new division of The Paramour Group, which specializes in blurring the lines between art mediums, including film, music, publishing, television, and games.

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