Hamish Hawk Reveals His Inner Stick In The Mud Via “Money”

[Cover photo credit to Emanuelle Centi]

Scottish songwriter Hamish Hawk added to his previous two albums by releasing Heavy Elevator in the Autumn of 2021. Now he has announced his next album, Angel Numbers, which will be his first to receive an official North American release on February 3rd, 2023 via Post Electric. Hamish has also shared a third single from the album, Money,” along with a video.

Hamish explains the themes behind the single as follows:

Who buys a jacket from a gunmaker? That is the question. ‘Money’ is a polemical song, and it’s me at my most cynical. It’s a list of cheap shots and petty grievances I had banging around my head at the time of writing. Small talk, rat races and lengthy weddings all come under fire. It’s really no surprise that it turns out I’m the stick in the mud. What’s more, I’m interminably short on cash.

Each track on Angel Numbers calls is its own world of allusions from Leonard Cohen to Karen Carpenter, David Hockney, Dylan Thomas, Napoleon, Ed Sullivan, Salvador and Gala Dali. The songs also hark back to ancient Folk songs at times. Given the title of the album, you might expect angels to emerge, and they do crop up in several songs.

That title-track single and its following piece, Think Of Us Kissing,” also brought Hawke and his band to Maida Vale studios to record a live session for DJ Steve Lamacq.