Watch Ahab’s Jules Verne-Inspired Stop-Motion Video For “Colossus Of The Liquid Graves”

[Cover photo credit to Stefan Heilemann]

German Doom Metal band AHAB have announced that their fifth studio album, The Coral Tombs, will be arriving on January 13, 2023, via Napalm Records. The album is the band‘s first full-length offering in eight years. Following first single and lyric video for “Prof. Arronax‘ descent into the vast oceans”, featuring Chris Noir of ULTHA, AHAB have released a new track taken off of The Coral Tombs, “Colossus of the liquid graves”, alongside a video.

Says guitarist Christian Hector about the new single and video:

I’ve always wanted to have a video for AHAB like ‘Colossus of the liquid graves’. Actually we developed the ideas for a storyboard ourselves during a flight to a show in Athens – which was a great experience. It was so inspiring to see our ideas animated literally little by little. Needless to say, the team of puppet builders, stop motion animators and camera operators did an awesome job on getting it all done the way we had it in our minds. The story itself is quite gloomy and the video breathes life into our cover artwork. We‘re all very excited and thankful for this fine little moving picture.

Following their 2015 album, The Boats Of The Glenn Carrig, and the Live Prey release (2020), the band once again interpret a maritime novel, inspired this time by Jules Verne‘s masterpiece 20000 Leagues Under The Sea. Throughout seven new tracks, AHAB take their fans on a new musical journey with Captain Nemo and Professor Arronax. Of their entire discography, the band says that The Coral Tombs is arguably the closest they’ve come to creating “a real soundtrack”.

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