Rodrigo y Gabriela Complete Their Cycle Of Mini Videos Featuring New Music

[Cover photo credit to Ebru Yildiz]

Grammy Award-winning guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela have shared Stage 1: Aware of Being Aware,” the final installment in a new cycle of nine “deeply metaphysical” mini videos streaming now on YouTube. Directed by Mexican filmmaker/broadcaster Olallo Rubio, a complete compilation of all nine Stages clips is now available also on the duo’s official YouTube channel.

Rodrigo y Gabriela say:

The Stages’ represent the idea of our ever-lasting presence as awareness, as the only reality there is prior to the existence of our physical body, and any other object that forms what we know as our personalities; meaning, our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, etc.

We are not preaching or suggesting the way we seemingly experiment with life is the only way to liberate ourselves from unnecessary suffering, we just want to share our own experience based on the origins of “Advaita Vedanta,” or most commonly known these days as non-duality. This recognition of our true nature is where the path of no resistance meets the limitless, endless love and happiness we have always been.

This nine-minute visual, brilliantly directed by Olallo Rubio, is the introduction for our new album, which will expand on the non-dual concept and the recognition of the ‘I’ prior to everything else. On the untouchable screen on which the movie of our apparent finite reality happens, who do you think we truly are? The screen or the movie?

Olallo Rubio shares:

As part of the creative feedback to shoot the collection, Rodrigo and Gabriela shared with me their thoughts around the spiritual concept of non-dualism. hey gave me a lot of information related to the subject – essays, videos, etc. – and mentioned the four elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth – as well as several abstract concepts. They also suggested it should be something timeless and not as focused on their guitar playing.

I gave a lot of thought on how we could translate such complex philosophical and spiritual ideas to dynamic images which could match the quality and intensity of the music. I suggested we represent the interconnectedness, the non-existent difference between subject and object, and the ‘illusion of the self,’ by introducing Rod and Gab as nameless, faceless characters who become one with the World/Universe through music. Considering the narrative cinematic perspective, we went from the internal and external toxic chaos of modern life to consciousness expansion and beyond. It became an audio-visual-musical interpretation of the journey to reach full awareness.

Each of the nine pieces excerpted on the “Stages” mini videos heralds a new full-length work from Rodrigo y Gabriela, with more music and international touring scheduled for 2023. Upcoming dates include a very special April 24, 2023, performance at London, UK’s Roundhouse as part of its In the Round Festival.

This past summer saw Rodrigo y Gabriela follow last year’s Grammy Award-nominated version of Metallica’s “The Struggle Within” with a two-track single featuring their cover version of the Radiohead classic, “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,” alongside a new rendition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Symphony No. 25 In G Minor, K. 183, First Movement,” available now via ATO Records. Recorded by Rodrigo y Gabriela in their studio in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico, both tracks are joined by official visualizer videos.

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