I Surrender Records ‘Sleighs’ An Original Holiday Compilation

New York-based I Surrender Records is spreading some holiday cheer with their newly released compilation I Surrender Sleighs. The album features nine original tracks from: We Are The Union, Valencia, Vinnie Caruana, Punchline, and more.

Valencia comments:

When we heard I Surrender was putting together a Christmas album we knew we had to be a part of it. The day we knew we were on board the song just sort of spilled out of us, as if it had been in there for years, waiting to come out.

We Are The Union adds:

The holidays are a time when so many people come together, so it seemed like the perfect setting for a story about being alone.


1. How Valencia Stole Christmas – Valencia

2. Rico Christmas – The High Court

3. Hungover For The Holidays – latewaves

4. I Can’t Keep Up With The Holidays – Mattstagraham

5. Christmas Garbage – Pollyanna

6. Yr Always Alone (On Christmas) – We Are The Union

7. December 26th – Alex Amiruddin & Vinnie Caruana

8. Together – Punchline

9. Happy New Year I’m Still a Piece of Garbage – Raccoon Tour

More about I Surrender Records:

New York-based I Surrender Records is more than just a label – they’re a family that wants nothing more than to share their love of music and release the best records possible. Since 2003 they’ve worked with veteran acts and up-and-coming groups alike, sharing their passion with each new release. Artists on the I Surrender Records roster past and present include: Valencia, I Am The Avalanche, Four Year Strong, Lincoln, Pollyanna, Mattstagraham, and more.

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