No Cosmos Explores Electronica And Jazz For “Almost Lost You”

[Cover photo credit to Michael Sayegh, makeup + styling credit to Catherine Machado]

Montreal’s No Cosmos has released their debut single Almost Lost You”, an instrumental influenced by R&B. It sets out to embody “a driving, electronic-influenced, sample-based interpretation of Jazz”.

No Cosmos is the alias and creative vision of trumpeter, composer, and producer Scott Bevins, a prolific musician who plays with the Electro-Soul and Hip-Hop group Busty and the Bass. Bevins has also collaborated with multi-disciplinary collective Moonshine and Pierre Kwenders, among many others.

Bevins shares:

I was looking for a different kind of trance. Three years ago I was in the middle of a melancholy celestial transit and simultaneously getting into the joy of dance music. I found myself going to raves sober, alone, and not talking to anyone in order to get lost in the music. I never feel lonely moving in rhythm with a crowd. After a long time of exclusively working with other instrumentalists live off the floor, this was one of the first things I made with a computer, playing and recording most of the instruments myself. I did bring in a few longtime collaborators – Kyle Hutchins brings his beautiful feel on the drums, Sarah Rossy provided some vocal flavor, and Anh Phung tied everything together shining with her alto flute solo. It gets taken away from you when you don’t expect it, but only for a moment.

This debut single from No Cosmos is released via newly launched label Lighter Than Air , an offshoot of the Montreal-based management company that works with artists such as Hollow Coves, Ouri, Hildegard (Ouri + Helena Deland ), and Milk & Bone among others. Lighter Than Air plans to release the debut full-length from No Cosmos in 2023.

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