“I Want Blood” From Badlands Showcases The Exchange Demanded By Love

[Cover photo credit to John Cowhie]

Badlands, the project of Swedish producer, composer and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna, recently released her new album Call to Love. It explores the various angles and strange juxtapositions that love creates, both in its lighter and darker aspects. The latest single from the album is the track I Want Bloodthat showcases the themes of the collection.

Jaunviksna says:

This track sums up what the record is all about. Like, you have to kill yourself a little in order to get what you want. One cannot keep her entire self and sanity, and at the same time win love over. It’s an exchange. Love in exchange for control; love in exchange for your life as you know it.

The DIY approach is crucial to the distinct Badlands sound, where Jaunviksna exclusively writes, records, produces and mixes all material. She is the founder of the electronic record label, arts platform and production company RITE, based in Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden.

Single artwork by Brigita Ektermane

From the same location, she also makes original music and sound designs for film and theater, transboundary arts and documentary, as well as production and mix work for other labels and artists. She formed Badlands as a home for her “electroacoustical fusions” with vocals and released first Badlands EP Battles Within (2012), followed by album Locus (2016) and Djin (2021).

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