Grace Bernicker Shares The Double Meaning “Home” Holds For Her

Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Grace Bernicker has released the single and video for “Home,” a song that’s had a big impact on her live set over the years. It’s also a track that helps her define a particular double meaning that the idea of “home” has always had for her.

Bernicker shares:

“Home” was the first song I ever recorded and put out in 2012. Since then, we’ve played it a million times. In live shows, it’s primarily always played acoustic. I’ve always wanted to put out an acoustic version. Given it’s how we play it live, I wanted to share that with the wider world as well. I wrote “Home” back in 2012 and got the idea after being away at school and having not seen my family in a while. My Mom and I were driving down the highway, were passing farms, a little white church and basically all the imagery that you hear in the song. To me there is a double meaning with “Home,” it’s being with the person you love, but at the same time, when you are apart, knowing when you both look up, you see the same sky.

“Home” was recorded in December of 2021 at Morning Star Studios in East Norriton, PA. Bernicker describes their covid-conditions recording session:

At the time, covid was still very much a thing and it was my first time back in a recording studio since the start of the pandemic. Everyone wore masks. When I recorded vocals, I was in the main room and Kevin (HuffamooseHanson was in a side booth, playing the guitar line, verse the two of us being in the same space. We could see each other through the glass window of the studio, so that was basically how we were giving each other cues. He did a killer job with the guitar line! Glenn Barratt produced the track and we both co-engineered it. This was my first-time co-engineering one of my songs. I love the engineering side of music, so getting to do that was a lot of fun!

In conjunction with the release of “Home,” Grace Bernicker has released a line of merchandise she created calls the At Home Collection which is centered around her song. She was driven to create the kind of items that she’d like to receive and give to her friends. The items have been created by small business makers and there is a lyric line from the song tied to each item.

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