Hammock Seeks ‘Love In The Void’ And Finds Beauty

Nashville atmospheric, Post-Rock duo Hammock have released the singles UnTruthb/wGods Becoming Memories,” to announce their 12th studio album Love in the Void, for a January 27th, 2023 release via their own Hammock Music through Secretly Distribution.

The album was largely recorded in Nashville, co-produced with Grammy nominated engineer Chad Howat and features the voice of Christine Byrd (Lumenette), with Matt Kidd (Slow Meadow) on piano, also bringing in tech skills, and orchestration.

Discussing “UnTruth,” Hammock’s Marc Byrd states:

This was written right after Andrew [Thompson] received some difficult news regarding his mom’s health. Getting older and watching your parents age is strange. The ‘UnTruth’ of unending youth. The passage of time seems almost omnipresent.  Am I, are you, are we strong enough to let go and watch the ones we love pass away?

With Love in the Void, Byrd and Thompson have created some space for “nostalgic reflection” which might encourage us to “slow down to notice, to experience, and to appreciate the things hiding in plain sight, that we take for granted everyday”.

Love In the Void is not a negative existential statement, though, according to the duo. Discussing the concept behind it, Byrd offers:

Life can sometimes feel like an empty void but then there are those moments when everything seems shot through with ineffable beauty… the kind that takes your breath away or leaves a lump in your throat. Instead of seeing the void as negative, maybe the void can become the entry point for love. Maybe if we all could acknowledge our own inner void, we could learn to be more vulnerable with each other. To do a better job at loving each other, and making love a verb. When we choose to love in the void, we choose each other.

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