Twin Drugs Builds A Musical Image Of A World In Decay For Album ‘In Now Less Than Ever’

Richmond, VA-based band Twin Drugs creates dreamy atmospheres combined with heavier riffs and have just released their new album In Now Less Than Ever via CrazySane Records. Blake Melton comments on approaching the album: “Covid is just one grain of sand in the hourglass of general existential anxiety”. The album has been put up as a full stream for fans to check out.

The new album was inspired by “cosmic horror” and the “near-psychedelic archival footage compilations” of British documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, Melton, together with bandmates Alex Wilson (drums, live-electronics) and Christian Monroe (bass), also collages the band’s “own image of a world in decay”.

Mastered by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg and with cover art by Christopher Royal King (Symbol, ex-This Will Destroy You), In Now Less Than Ever is designed to “creep up on you like only existential dread can”.

In Now Less Than Ever merges two approaches to distortion, including Shoegaze and Noise Rock. The use of found audio extracts, ranging from Indian flute players to obscure Japanese Jazz bands, creates a semblance of “the world’s structural ambiguity”.

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