Birds Of Bellwoods Examine The Lifespan Of A Short Relationship In “Firsts (Over and Over Again)”

[Cover photo credit to Kate Dockeray]

Toronto-based Alt-Rock group, Birds of Bellwoods have shared their new single, “Firsts (Over And Over Again)” from their album Everything You Want due February 10, 2023, via MNRK Music Group. The track was actually featured on the ABC drama The Rookie in October.

The group says:

‘Firsts (Over and Over Again)’ is as much a poem as a song. It tells the story of a short relationship, from strangers to friends, friends to lovers, and lovers to strangers again, in two simple verses and a refrain.  

The group’s upcoming album was Produced by Grammy winner Dave Schiffman (Vampire Weekend, Haim, PUP), and focuses on “shared emotions” blending guitars with dreamy synths.

First single “One by One”, and follow-up single,“Let the Light In,”, as well as “Figure It Out” encapsulate Everything You Want’s broader themes of “the fragility of youth, fear, doubt, and hope”.

The band adds about the album:

Let go, release, let yourself be free. That’s what we want people to feel. We’re allowed to be imperfect. We’re allowed to be in pain. Without that darkness, we’d never see the stars.

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