Insomnium Ventures Into A Dark Past For ‘Anno 1696’

[Cover photo credit to Terhi Ylimäinen]

Finnish Melodic Death Metal outfit Insomnium have announced their ninth full-length, Anno 1696, for release on February 24th, 2023, via Century Media Records. This time around, Insomnium sets up a concept album that tells us a tale based on a short story by Niilo Sevänen (bass/vocals), “woven with sorrow and the last crumbling vestiges of hope, plus wrath and morbid lullabies”. Set in 1696, the album takes us into an “age of unrest.”

It is also a period of great famine in the North with witch hunts is in full swing all across Europe and the gruesome witch trials have even reached the remote landscapes of Finland and Sweden.

Sevänen explains:

The Torsåker witch trials were a horrible source of nightmarish inspiration. All that talk about 70 women beheaded in this small Swedish parish? It’s real stuff from history! And as if that weren’t enough, there are also some very dark tales of cannibalism and child murder from the years of the great famine.

For a first preview of Anno 1696, the new single, “Lilian”, has also been revealed, along with a video directed by Riivata Visuals.

Guitarist Markus Vanhala comments about the track:

‘Lilian’ is probably the most traditional Insomnium hit song on the album – and an easy starter as single – before the heavier main course comes in. It shows the lighter shade of the album, before all hope leaves.

The new record is going to be available in the following formats:

–Standard CD Jewelcase

–Digital Album

In addition to the above-mentioned standard versions, fans can also purchase the limited Deluxe 2CD Artbook that has an extended booklet (44 pages!) and includes the Songs of the Dusk (EP), as well as the English and Finnish versions of the ‘Anno 1696’ short story by Niilo Sevänen.

–Ltd. Deluxe 2CD Artbook

The vinyl features an etching on Side D, plus a 12-page booklet with the English version of the ‘Anno 1696’ short story by Niilo Sevänen – available in the following variants:

–Gatefold black 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet

–Gatefold dark green 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via (limited to 300 copies)

–Gatefold transp. light blue 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via CM Distro Wholesale EU & (limited to 500 copies)

–Gatefold silver 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via Nuclear Blast & Napalm Records (limited to 500 copies)

–Gatefold white 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via Levykauppa Äx & EMP (limited to 500 copies)

–Gatefold transp. red-black marbled 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via Insomnium (limited to 500 copies)

–Gatefold black-white marbled 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet via Insomnium (limited to 500 copies)

The vinyl available in the USA does not come with the additional CD:

–Gatefold black 2LP & LP-Booklet (USA version)

–Gatefold golden 2LP & LP-Booklet (USA version)

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