Return To Jazzercise And Simpler Times With Moxy The Band’s Video For “The Feeling Of Letting Go”

Indie Pop trio Moxy The Band intentionally channel the spirit of the 80s and have shared their latest single and video, “The Feeling Of Letting Go.” The track comes from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Dream Feeling, which is set to be released November 11, 2022. You can also join the band in Sacramento at Bottle and Barlow on November 11th, 2022 to hear songs from the new album live.

The band shares:

This song transports me back to a simpler time, watching my mother press play on her 80’s jazzercise VHS, curled up near the speaker dreaming of what kind of music I would make when I was older.

Moxy the Band is the combined effort of songwriter/diva Amber DeLaRosa (Flourish, Amber DeLaRosa), composer Michael Franzino (A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar), and producer/engineer Dryw Owens, all with deep roots in Sacramento, California.

The group found its formation and songwriting through adversity, taking in a life-altering epilepsy diagnosis, a global pandemic, and loss of a child.

DeLaRosa shares about making the album:

…the process proved more difficult than I could imagine… and began to stand for holding onto the dream through the brutal, yet beautifully necessary lessons of life.

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