Ashley Heath Follows An Emotional Arc Towards ‘Something To Believe’

[Cover photo credit to Sandlin Gaither]

Asheville, North Carolina’s Ashley Heath has recently released new EP Something To Believe, via Organic Records, her debut with the label. Entirely self-written, arranged and produced, Something To Believe follows a “musical arc”.

Opening with a rocking title track, it moves through pleading to restraint, before reaching resignation followed by “defiance.” The EP concludes with a track that keeps up a questioning tone and the arc itself moves through a number of genre influences as it develops.

Heath shares:

I hope that listeners can hear the diversity of genres throughout the songwriting as well as the intimacy and strength of my voice. I think the collective message of this album is we must stay strong and continue!

Heath adds regarding the origin of the EP:

I chose these specific songs for my third EP because they were the songs I had written pre-pandemic and had planned on recording in 2019. I wanted those collections of songs to stay together and the songs written during the pandemic to be a different collection. They were more representative of what I was like as a person and a reflection of what I was going through emotionally during that particular time of my life.