Westpark Breaks Out Of Negative Patterns With ‘Throw Up Your Demons’

Alternative Rock band Westpark have released their new album Throw Up Your Demons along with the lyric video and single “When We’re Gone”. The new album covers a lot of ground for the band as they have journeyed into life and into selfhood.

The band says:

Throw up Your Demons is a journey that began in the reckless good times of college through the dark depths of the pandemic that lands in present day Southern California. The title refers to the catharsis of negative patterns and self-sabotage. We sonically explore rock, indie, psych, and funk and lyrically we explore relationships, some toxic and some everlasting, mortality, rebellion against divisive politics, horrors of isolation, and ultimately, moving forward.

Dummer Enad and frontman Shiva met in kindergarten at a school called Westpark Elementary, hence the genesis of the band name. In high school, they formed a band called Wirebox that eventually became Westpark that continued at UC Berkeley.

After graduating in 2020, the world shut down in a global pandemic. Westpark responded by writing 18 songs, demoeing 15, and selecting 9 for their debut LP Throw Up Your Demons. They started playing live again in June 2021 and have since covered LA and SD circuits with shows like the Resident, DTLA and the main stage at Encinitas Street Festival.

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