Constellatia’s ‘Magisterial Romance’ Focuses On The Cosmic And The Human

[Cover photo credit to Alex Scholtz]

Following the end of Wildernessking’s career, Keenan Oakes had to continue making Metal music in his home of Cape Town, South Africa. He joined forces with Crow Black Sky’s Gideon Lamprecht in 2018 to create the musical entity known as Constellatia. Taken from the word ‘constellation’, the name refers to “the nature of existence and the natural world, the cosmos, and extracting meaning and happiness from it all”. The band uses a Progressive Black Metal foundation to talk about “inherently human subjects”. You can watch the video now for their latest single, “Paean Emerging”.

Following the release of their debut record via Isolation Records in 2019, The Language of Limbs, Constellatia have now signed to the independent record label, Season of Mist. Their new album Magisterial Romance is set to release on November the 11th 2022, and focuses on “larger-than-life romantic compositions”.

They are making plans to tour the far corners of the world in support of their new album and subsequent releases.