Film School’s Nyles Lannon Teams Up With Son For Nyte Skye

[Cover photo credit to Seth Affournado]

Vocalist/guitarist Nyles Lannon, who hails from the Shoegaze band Film School, and his son Skye on drums have teamed up for the Alt-Rock project Nyte Skye. Nyte Skye was formed of “equal parts frustration from quarantined sheltering that Covid brought and boundless creativity that arose from having nowhere to go and nothing to do”. They have released their first single and video for “Dream State (I’m Vanishing)”.

Nyles says:

I just wanted to close my eyes and float away, and that’s what the song was about. This song was probably one of the fastest songs (lyrically) I’ve written. It was true escapism – wishing I could ignore the physical world completely. We were working on this during the early part of the pandemic, during lockdown, and things were kinda bleak: there was no vaccine yet, the numbers were climbing, and I was dealing with pretty nasty back pain from a herniated disc.

We also had a lot of time, more than we had ever had, and probably ever will again. I think for a musical father and son, it was a golden opportunity.  We knew we had this cool moment and we took advantage of it. We also both knew it wouldn’t last forever, so we stayed pretty focused on the goal.

The song also features contributions from Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave), Nichole Kreglow (backup vocals), lyricist Neil Rodenmeyer (Lupa Rosa), and Ian McDonald (FUTRVST). Nyte Skye are planning their debut album for 2023 via Sonic Ritual.

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