“Exonerate” From The Hails Laments Advice Not Heeded

[Cover photo credit to Steph Estrada]

Five-piece Indie band The Hails have released their first single since 2021’s Alive in Strange Ways, titled Exonerate.” The track arrives just ahead of the band’s performance at Miami’s III Points Festival this weekend. “Exonerate” tells the story of a “deteriorating friendship due to troubles in someone’s love life”.

Frontman Robbie Kingsley says of the single:

When you try to give someone advice in their romantic endeavors, but they bury their head in the sand, it can be really disheartening. ‘Exonerate’ was inspired specifically by my roommate’s frustrations towards a friend, so truthfully, I’m singing in third person.

The Hails have collaborated with Matt Lewin of Magdalena Bay, who is credited as a major influence in the band finding their refined sound through experimentation. “Exonerate” features a distorted Rhodes piano that was not present in the band’s original demo.

Kingsley adds:

We didn’t know how much we liked the song until Matt created that opening piano riff. Once he laid that down, it turned from a throwaway song into a focus of our new era.

On Saturday, October 22nd, 2022, The Hails will be playing a set at Miami’s III Points Festival at 11:30PM on the Vision Stage. Fans can expect to hear “Exonerate” as well as some of the other new music the band has queued up for the coming months.

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