Watch Late Sea’s Video For Anti-War Track “Cover Up”

[Cover photo credit to Bill Wadman]

Today, Brooklyn-based Indie/Art rock band Late Sea have shared the emotive video for anti-war, protest track Cover Up“. Late Sea is lead by composer and multi-instrumentalist Izzy Gliksberg (vocals, guitar, keyboard), along with Graham Dobby (drums), Clinton Greenlee (bass) and Kalen Lister (keyboard, vocals).

In 2017, the group released their debut audio-visual EP, The Writers Trilogy with Emmy-nominated director, Andrew Alistratov and producer Hazuki Aikawa. The band’s latest EP, Rumor, produced by Grammy Award winner John Davis, arrived last year.

It was after scrolling through the news about another round of war between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza that Gliksberg found inspiration for “Cover Up.”

Gliksberg shares: 

I’m from the Middle East so I was used to seeing this kind of trauma on TV, but this time, I suddenly realized that we’ve been through this exact scenario many times before. Growing up in Israel, I have seen, firsthand, that war is the definition of insanity. We keep expecting a different result, and nothing changes. It keeps happening, cyclically and seasonally this cold winter of humanity keeps coming back. War is not a solution. It won’t solve your problems. In a bird’s eye view, everyone will lose and nobody will win until we decide war itself is over.

The accompanying visual for “Cover Up” directed by Lena Rudnik aims “to capture the human experience, anguish and trauma associated with war, not just the violence”.

Describing her vision for the video, Rudnik explains:

I haven’t ever lived in a war zone but I do rage battles against my own self-destructive stories. For this video, I was interested not just in cycles of war and violence, but the cyclical nature of personal trauma – our consciousness’s ability to replay harrowing loops, until the story we’ve created becomes the only reality. What is macrocosmically displayed in a war narrative is recapitulated in microcosm in every personal trauma cycling in an individual’s psyche.

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