Miko Marks Celebrates ‘Feel Like Going Home’ With Grand Ole Opry Debut

Miko Marks will be releasing her album, Feel Like Going Home, this week on October 14, 2022, via Redtone Records. The album follows her 2021 album, Our Country and the EP, Race Records. The album includes singles, “Feel Like Going Home”, “One More Night”, and “Trouble”, which she also released a live performance video for.

Marks comments on the new album:

Musically and lyrically it’s what the title says, a journey back to my roots. I spent my early career trying to fit into a very specific and limited image and sound within the country music genre. I love country music and always will, but I was raised on so much more, and it’s all in me waiting and wanting to come out. I just want to make the music that is true and honest from within my soul. To me it’s a blend of everything I carry. It’s country, it’s blues, it’s rock n roll, it’s gospel and soul.

Marks will be also making her Grand Ole Opry debut on October 14, 2022, the night of the album release. She is currently touring across the US supporting Little Feat.

In January of this year, Marks was named to CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2022 and by April, she stood alongside five other artists and managers chosen to participate in the inaugural Equal Access Development Program, a program designed by mtheory and CMT to foster and support marginalized communities underrepresented in the genre of Country music.

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